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Heading North

by Christine Maurizi on 05/02/19

When heading north for the summer, be sure to have some basic things done at your home. Here is a list of the top 10 items to do.

1.  Have your AC checked by a professional HVAC Company.
These systems work hard all summer and need to be checked regularly. 
2.  Turn off the water 
3.  Turn off the hot water heater.
4.  Unplug small appliances
5.  Change batteries in smoke detectors
6.  Bring in furniture on lanai and anything that can blow away during a storm
7.  Lock windows and sliders
8.  Set Thermostat and humidistat if you have one.
9.  Set up Car Charger, or disconnect battery,  if you are leaving a car.
10.  Set up a home watch service.  
If you dont have a home watch service, call us today, dont delay.

Hot Summer Days of August

by Christine Maurizi on 07/30/15

We are entering our hot summer days of August. This is when the AC units are  running the most.  I have already come across some units that were not functioning on my home watch visits.  Be sure to have annual maintenance done on your AC unit. It will ensure that everything is operating properly and prevent costly repairs and replacements in the future. 
This is also our rainy season.  The heavy and steady days of rain, will wreak havoc the chemical balance in your pool. Be sure that your pool is being regularly maintained.  I have heard that some pool maintenance companies slack off on pool maintenance when they know the homeowner is not around for the summer. Having a home watch company can benefit you in many ways. With Admiral Home Watch on the job, you can be sure to be spending your days enjoying your home in SW Florida, instead of dealing with costly problems, that you were not anticipating.  Call us today to set up a consultation.

Leaving for the summer

by Christine Maurizi on 04/02/15

Many residents are heading north for the summer. There will be many homes left vacant for the entire summer.  Make sure you have a home watch company scheduled to look after your home while your away.  There are some common things that you should prepare for, however there are other things that can happen,  that you may not of thought of. 
Such as:  
Insect infestation
Ripped or torn screens on the pool cage
Sprinkler problems
Roof leaks from heavy rain.

The list can get long and costly.  When you have someone checking on your home, there is peace of mind. 
Contact Admiral Home Watch today, for an immediate in-home consultation. Our rates are competitive, and your home is our commitment.

Purchasing a New Home in Florida

by Christine Maurizi on 07/21/14

The housing market is on fire down here in Sarasota County. Many northerners are having new homes built. After the last winter we had, this doesn't surprise me.  With any home, whether new or previously owned, comes concerns when you are leaving the place empty for months at a time. With a new home, there may things that need adjusting, or repairing, and your not sure its getting done properly.  Sometimes brand new homes can have just as many, or more issues than an older home.  Its like buying a brand new car.
Admiral Services can help to soothe the way, by being there for your repair man, and following up with a picture of the repaired item. Just checking that everything is functioning properly is peace of mind.  Making sure the new sod is not dying, or the builder had that important item fixed that you were worried about.  The list goes on and on.
Then, with a new home purchase comes new furniture. We can be your man on the scene to ensure that furniture, cable, shutter installation, and even house cleaners get the job done. Let us help you to enjoy the process of new home ownership.

No Snow Here!

by Christine Maurizi on 02/05/14

While we enjoy a snow free winter, we are not without many other concerns this season.  Some areas of Florida experience some cold weather, which will cause plants to die from a sudden frost. Certain tropical plants can be saved from an overnight frost with a covering the night before. You can use a sheet to protect the plants.  Other areas of concern are clogged gutters.  We have had a lot of leaves falling, and if your home is located in a area where there is an abundance of trees, you should be checking to be sure the gutters are clear.  Wind has also increased lately and may cause litter and debris to end up in your yard.  Items left on the lanai can blow over if not regularly checked.  If you don't have someone checking on your vacant home, Admiral Home Watch can give you the peace of mind your searching for.  We offer many other services to make home ownership easier. Give us a call today.

Your Home is our Commitment
Admiral Home Watching Services, provides a commitment  of safe, trusted, and secure home watching.  Residents looking for a Home Watcher, can have peace of mind while we're on the job. Whether you're a 
  • Seasonal Resident
  • own a Vacation Home
  •  Rental Property
  •  Condo
We're here to provide that feeling of security.  Your home is in good hands, if you're away for any length of time. In the event of an approaching storm, we can secure your property and alert you to any damages incurred.
Admiral Home Watching Services is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  We are conveniently located in Venice Florida, 34293. We also service the entire Venice area including,Venice Island, Florida 34285,  Nokomis, Florida,  North Port, Florida 34287,  and south Sarasota County. Our Services range from once a month, to weekly, depending on your needs. We offer a wide range of services from 

Our rates are competitive, and when you hire a Home Watching Service, some insurance companies offer discounts if your property is regularly monitored.
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