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Basic Home Monitoring
Exterior:  Examine all windows and doors to make sure they are locked and secure.  Pick up any papers or flyers in the yard, to ensure the residence does not look unoccupied. Make sure all exterior lights are working. Check for mold and mildew on the home and lanai. Monitor landscape and pool/spa to ensure proper care is being made and equipment is running properly.  Visually check Air Conditioning system is working properly.
​Examine all interior doors and windows to ensure they are locked and secure. Check for signs of pest and insect infestation.  Visually check under sinks and around hot water heater, toilets, etc., for leaks and mildew. Make sure water is turned off. Check that refrigerator and freezer are working properly.  Check that air conditioner and humidistat are working properly. Turn on Alarm system.

Additional Services
Opening For Arrival: 
Turn on water, and hot water heater.  Reset air conditioner to specified setting.  Plug in appliances and electronics.  Set clocks on stove and microwave.  Turn on icemaker, flush toilets, run faucets.  Turn on any outside lights.

Closing for Departure:  
Turn off water and hot water heater.  Unplug any specified electronics, or appliances.  Set air conditioner and humidistat to away settings, remove spoilable items, turn off icemaker, make sure garbage and recycling is out. Check rooms to make sure lights and fans are shut off. Make sure doors and windows are secure.

Home Supervisor:
Coordinate or monitor any repairs and services you may need at your home. Open the house for delivery personnel or contractors.  Close home and secure when finished. We can organize your housekeeping Services, before your arrival and after you leave.
  • Pre-storm Inspection and Preparation
  • Secure outside items, ie: bring in patio or lanai furniture 
  • Install Hurricane shutters (This service will no longer be guaranteed and it will be based on your shutter type with additional fees for install and removal of shutters.)
  • Post storm Assessment and clean up, including a photo report.
  • Handyman Services 
  • Pressure Washing Services