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The Rainy Season

by Adriana Herrara on 06/11/12

We are in the heat of the summer, and our rainy season is here. We are experiencing a shower to a heavy down-pour each and every day. This is when that humidity kicks in and you will notice some higher electric bills at your seasonal residence in Florida. The rainy season brings the increase of grass and weed growth, and I am noticing a lot of weeds in the flower beds.  An abundance of weeds is a tell tale sign that your not maintaining things, or you're away!.  Most of the lawn care providers don't include weed pulling in their weekly service.  Some homeowners associations will send out letters to those whose weeds are out of control.  If you are unsure of the condition of your lawn, call me to discuss some options.
Sometimes the abundance of rain will cause pools to overflow.  Make sure you have a pool company maintaining your pool weekly.  If you don't have one, I can recommend someone for you.
Your home is a great Asset, At Admiral Home Watching Services, We take pride in our commitment to your home.

Piece of Mind

by Adriana Herrara on 04/25/12

As the summer approaches, The snowbirds are heading North to enjoy their other homes, visit families, or just enjoy a vacation.  Whatever the reason, leaving your home empty is always a concern.  The WHAT IF'S  come to mind......
1. What if my toilet leaks?
2. What if my hot water heater leaks or rusts out?
3.  What if there is a hurricane?
4.  What if my upstairs neighbor in my condo, has a leak?
5.  Is my pool being properly maintained?
6.  Has my house been vandalized or broken into?
7.  Is my yard being maintained?
These are just some of the questions and concerns, that arise when your away.  Having a home watcher is vital to "Piece of Mind" and my services at Admiral Home Watching Services, will provide that.  The Basic Home Monitoring package will check all of these issues and more, and our prices are the lowest you will find.
Call today, before you leave on your extended trip.  Your home is Our Commitment!


by Adriana Herrara on 02/15/12

We are in the middle of our season, and the weather could not be better.
Dont forget to have that pressure washing done on those pool decks.  The polen is everywhere.  Also, those gutters could use a good cleaning out.  Most of the leaves have fallen and are clogging up the gutters.  Getting these jobs done now, will ensure a summer filled with less worry.  Admiral Home Watching Services can provide a quote to get those jobs done.  Maybe you have a to-do list of repairs you need.  We can get those items fixed now, or while your back North, enjoying your spring and summer.
Contact us today to set up your home watching needs.  The Admiral is on board with your projects!

Happy Holidays

by Adriana Herrara on 12/18/11

The holidays are here and its a time for family, friends and enjoying the wonderful weather here in SW Florida.  Most snowbirds are here taking advantage of their winter get away, and enjoying everything this area has to offer.  This is a great time to buy a vacation property, or a second home that you plan to use as a snowbird. The market is low and the prices are right for buying.  Owning a second home in Florida can be scary, especially with hurricanes and tropical storms, plus you leave your home unattended for up to 6 months at a time.  At Admiral Home Watching Services, we are here to make that journey a little less daunting. We can keep you abreast to the storms that are moving through the area, get your home storm ready, check your home every month or every week whichever meets your budget.  We can get the home ready for your arrival, pick you up at the airport, or get those Tee times reserved for your early morning start to day at the course.  Don't leave your home unprotected.  Let the Admiral get you in sight. Your Home Is Our Commitment.!

Making life easier

by Adriana Herrara on 11/03/11

Taking that long drive to Florida, for the winter,  can be exciting.  Driving through so many states to get here and watching the change of climate can be a nice trip or a difficult one.  Many of you have dogs or pets to bring with you, along with the ton of items you packed.  Making stops along the way and digging through the mess in your trunk.  Some of you know what I am talking about.  An option to consider is shipping some things down ahead of time.  You can ship your clothes down, that you wont wear until you get to the warmer weather, or maybe those golf clubs, that take up so much room, but are much needed here.  Part of our services at Admiral Home Watching Services, is checking for mail or packages left at the door.  We can bring them in, which leaves your car a bit roomier for the ride!  Email us ahead of time, that you've shipped something.  This is just one of the many services we provide to help make your life easier. 


Your Home is our Commitment
Admiral Home Watching Services, provides a commitment  of safe, trusted, and secure home watching.  Residents looking for a Home Watcher, can have peace of mind while we're on the job. Whether you're a 
  • Seasonal Resident
  • own a Vacation Home
  •  Rental Property
  •  Condo
We're here to provide that feeling of security.  Your home is in good hands, if you're away for any length of time. In the event of an approaching storm, we can secure your property and alert you to any damages incurred.
Admiral Home Watching Services is Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.  We are conveniently located in Sarasota County Florida, . We also service the entire Venice area including,Venice, 34293 Venice Island, Florida 34285,  Nokomis, Osprey Florida, and Sarasota and Manatee County. Our Services range from once a month, to weekly, depending on your needs. We offer a wide range of services from 

Our rates are competitive, and when you hire a Home Watching Service, some insurance companies offer discounts if your property is regularly monitored.
        Let us put our experience to work for you! Email us today
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